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This free Warm Up Coaching Session will enable you to personally experience the power of coaching.  Learn more about coaching by experiencing just how it works. It is a no obligation, 30-minute phone or video call where you can:

1) Get clear about a goal, choose your next effective actions, or begin an even bigger personal transformation.
2) Experience the power of coaching & how powerful listening can shift your mindset
3) Explain in detail what you need from a coach…and hear exactly what I can offer.
4) Get all your questions about coaching answered Decide if CoachGro coaching is for you from an informed point-of-view.


Before the session, answer a few questions to get your thinking started. At the end of our call, I’ll ask if your are interested in hearing more about purchasing a coaching package. If you feel ready to invest and feel you’ll get what you need, we can discuss several options.

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