Inner Workout

 Inner Workout


If you are driven and ready to leap forward…

If you know achieving your best is not a solo pursuit…

If you want to accomplish incredible things in life…


You, my friend, are in just the right place!

If you KNEW you could create a change in your life or your business …  what most amazing transformation would you create?


If you feel stuck, confused, or worried…coaching sessions with CoachGro can provide you with the insights to move forward, gain clarity, and feel confident of your decisions.


You know the problem.  You want to take control of your life, live healthy, rock your career, enjoy your family, AND play outdoors every chance you get.  Yet, real-life actions are sometimes closer to wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.  What’s up with that?  If you want to get unstuck, try a complimentary “Get Unstuck Strategy Toolkit” Session with CoachGro.  I’ll provide a toolkit to get back that badass, superhero kind life…one where you take control by getting yourself outta your own way.


Coaching can unlock what’s holding you back, connect you to your values, and assist you in achieving your goals.

Am I your Ideal Coach?


  • You feel a little stuck and wish they made mental tire chains to get unstuck already!

  • You are invested in making changes sooner (like NOW) rather than later.

  • You genuinely want to get to know yourself better – in more than just a handshake kinda way.

  • You are motivated by more than materialism…and you don’t mind breathing hard (or sweating) to get where you are going.

  • You are a natural adventurer with enough curiosity to get you into a healthy amount of trouble.

  • You understand that your problems are not the fault of your job, partner, neighbor, kid…or the weather. (Well, bad weather could be to blame for a few epic outdoor adventures…)

  • You are committed to making changes but just might need a little kick in the accountability.


  • You think playing victim is cool because it gets you lots of sympathy.

  • Your idea of success is getting by each day without anyone noticing you.

  • You know you need to change but don’t actually want to change a thing, especially yourself because you are perfect after all.

  • Your idea of self-exploration is checking for grey hairs every morning or obsessing over hiding those well-deserved laugh lines.

  • Your think reading adventure blogs is a perfectly good substitute for actually working out.

  • You especially don’t want to have any fun, at all. Period.

Once we complete our initial Get Unstuck Strategy Toolkit, I will recommend a customized service package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step?

The first step is to sign up for the Warm Up – 30 Minutes for Free!


I am curious what the session packages cost?

Starter Coaching CoachGro Sessions are valued at $200 each payable in advance by PayPal.

One hour-long CoachGro session scheduled at your convenience.
Each session includes:

  • Review of your “Coaching Prep Form” prior to your session.
  • Unlimited email coaching communication after the session for 3 weeks.
  • One brief phone follow-up call to check-in after the session


Inner Workout Discovery Series $1575 for three months including 9 sessions.

  • Review of your “Coaching Prep Form” prior to each session.
  • Unlimited email coaching communication for 3 months.
  • Brief check-in phone call to follow-up each session for 3 months.


Strategies of the Superhero Series $3675 for six months including 21 sessions.

  • Review of your “Coaching Prep Form” prior to each session.
  • Unlimited email coaching communication for 6 months.
  • Unlimited text coaching (Coach-On-Demand!) for 6 months.
  • Check-in phone and video coaching as needed for 6 months.

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What package do you recommend?

Everyone is different.  After your FREE 30 minute Warm Up … we’ll know much more clearly which package makes the most senses sense for you.

Often, the “Inner Workout Discovery Series” is the best way to start: 

  • More than a few coaching sessions (6 total) guarantees we investigate, uncover, and address your most significant needs. 
  • This series ensures we build on the breakthroughs from prior sessions to move you forward faster. 
  • Includes multiple Clear Belief sessions which create transformational changes.  
  • Experiencing Clear Beliefs multiple times enables you to use the visualization process as needed on your own.