“She sees situations in a broad sense and is helpful in reframing ways of thinking, doing and behaving. I came to her with a dilemma that had me “stuck” and in 45 minutes, after listening to my many concerns, excuses and mental blocks, she helped me to redefine my place, gave me encouragement for my accomplishments, and helped me to uncover a road map that I was able to easily implement and feel good about.”

Amy Nakos
Nerium International
, Your Castle Summit
Independent Senior Director, Real Estate Broker, Attorney


“Before coaching with CoachGro, I was fighting against things that held me back and felt pretty crappy. All of my plans felt like defeat.  Now, I feel like I am unlocked…there is nothing holding me back.  I now have the ability to work hard and for that work to do something. CoachGro has been huge in streamlining thought processes, making things faster, and improving my efficiency.”

JH, Founder, Summit Endurance Academy



After Inner Workout coaching sessions with CoachGro, 
“my life is AMAZING now [post injury] and I feel really positive about the future.”

Kat Sweet
Founder and Owner SweetLines

“I got many aha moments with CoachGro, even after our sessions. I would keep asking myself those same questions… and get more out of it. Coaching did something very necessary [for me]. The support, someone to listen and someone to mirror back what I was saying because in that process itself, it gave me a different perspective and made me aware of things I wasn’t aware of before. It just increased my awareness and the powerful questions did that too. It was a long process, and I got out of this [negative] loop and engaged in other supports in my life for emotional fulfilment. In addition to the coaching and the other supports, it resulted in peace.”

Y.T., Dubai, UAE

“For the last 11 years of working with removing subconscious beliefs I always come back to the same one:  “I’m not good enough.”  It was always there.  No matter how many times or how many modalities I tried, it stuck . . . like a skipping record, like a stinky skunk, like a house guest that wouldn’t leave.  I knew it, I knew what it felt like, I knew it was there, and I just didn’t know how to change it.  In a session with Kathryn, she helped me to have a conversation with the belief.  To really figure out why I put it there in the first place when I was 14.  In about an hour, I was able to communicate with it and perceive it in a way I never had before and basically ask it to step aside.  Months later, I feel different – like I can do anything, like I deserve everything.  Thanks Kathryn. “

Sincerely, “Bashful and Appreciative”, Colorado

“Today in our team building debrief, several of our team members, who aren’t new to the world of team meetings and corporate events, stated very clearly this program was indeed the best team building activity they’ve ever participated in. We couldn’t have asked for a better combination of mental and physical activities and it was rounded together perfectly with the integration of our corporate values. It was clearly the highlight of our trip to Colorado. ” (Testimonial provided to CBST Adventures, regarding a Corporate Teambuilding program I guided )

David Wiley, Customer Category Manager
Kroger, Hillshire Brands, May 9, 2014